Oakworth Church

Autumn & Winter 2017/18

Photos taken by members of our community on their walks and travels in the beautiful local Yorkshire area. Thank you for sharing them.

There are 52 photos for this gallery.
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Autumn in Oakworth Sunset in Autumn St Ives
St. Ives during Autumn by Ursula St. Ives Autumn by Bernadette O'Horo Closer to Yorkshire wildlife at St. Ives by Bernadette O'Horo
Autumn 2016 by Alison Way Joey is really enjoying Autumn in Yorkshire by simply 'being in the moment!' lovely Autumn colours. Thank you Kevin Harris for this photo
Lovely Autumn scenes by Miriam Harris Autumn colours, thanks Miriam Almost time for hats and gloves but we have stunning Autumn colours
It's great weather for the local ducks! Autumn revealing interesting trees Beautiful Autumn colours, thank you for sharing this Miriam Harris
By Miriam Harris Cliffe Castle Cliffe Castle Keighley
Cliffe Castle Keighley View from Cliffe Castle Central Park Haworth
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