Oakworth Church

Leadership Team

Vicar: Vacant

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Associate Minister: Revd Anne Pickard

I was ordained as a Non stipendiary Minister in 2004 and ministered in the same church I had come to faith in 15 years earlier. I lived in Halifax all my life until 5 years ago when I moved to Oakworth to live closer to my family. After three years of commuting between Oakworth and Halifax for church services etc. I made the decision to offer my ministry to Christ Church in Oakworth.

I have been made to feel very welcome in this church, I feel to be a part of the church family and have made many good friends. As retired clergy, I am very happy to offer my services to Christ Church whenever needed and I very much enjoy the variation of worship to be found in the services.

My hobbies consist of walking my dog, not very far now as he is getting old, and spending time with my family.




Reader: Philip Cullingworth

I was born and bred in Berkshire, living there until my marriage to Sarah when we moved to Surrey.

 Ten years ago we moved up to Oakworth, aiming to be near at least one set of baby sitters, otherwise known as (grand)parents, with our Son born a year later.

I work in a Civil Engineering company based in Skipton, working with the computer systems to create the various reports that are needed to run a modern company.  In my spare time, what there is of it, I enjoy reading, crosswords and other puzzles and when we get a free weekend we enjoy heading out in our caravan to enjoy the countryside.  I keep dreaming of improving my fitness and getting out on my bike (the pedal variety), but the hill up to Oakworth keeps getting in the way.

I've been part of a church almost all my life, playing in music groups for most of that time.  I mainly play the bass guitar now though I still step in occasionally with an acousic guitar when needed.  I felt that I was being asked to step out and do something more in church and after some exploration decided that I wanted to be a Lay Reader.  A Reader is someone that has been given some training and has been approved by the Church to perform some tasks and services.  The Lay part means that I am not ordained (so no back to front collar for me).  I started my training in September 2012 and was licensed in 2015. 
Tel: 01535 640612  


Reader: Sharon Quinn

I am a Keighley lass born and bred, and apart from 5 years living in Bristol as a teenager, I have lived in Keighley and currently very settled in Haworth with my husband and son.

I received a Church of England Reader license at Bradford Cathedral in September 2019, after 3 years training. Quite remarkable considering I came to faith not much over ten years ago with no belief in God growing up! I still remember my RE teacher's disappointed look as I said I wouldn't be choosing RE to give priority to other subjects at school!

I have since realised just how wonderful it is to be a part of a supportive friendly church family and community like Oakworth, and how God has, with even the tiniest of response a little at a time from me, helped me achieve things that I never thought I could do, especially through those challenging situations in life.

I hope to serve the community well in my role alongside the supportive team, leading services, preaching, and I hope to gain wider experience and training in my lay ministry. Who knows where it may lead.

When I am not working (in the pub), or helping the church, I like to get out into the Dales on my husband's BSA or Triumph motorbike, and I also have 4 young Grandchildren to keep me busy.

Tel: 01535643851